Oh hello First Blog - Lindy Rebro Photography of Lynden, Washington

Here I am, online!

It's official or it feels pretty official anyway. If I haven't met you yet, I'm Lindy Rebro. I'll give you the mini run-down of how this whole "photography thing" started. I love photography, likely it started with thumbing through my grandmother's family albums or my mother's TRUNK of photos- she swears she will organize them someday.

Flash forward maaaany years later, blasting my way through being in front of the lens for my own milestones including senior pictures, my wedding and newborn baby photo sessions, this made my interest in photography grow. And as an adult, I've always had a friend or two, who were professional photographers, one of my closest being Dawn Matthes Photography. I would tag along on a photo shoot with Dawn to be her gopher: holding the diffuser, helping to set up a scene, fixing flyaway hairs, etc.. I was always in awe of how she did it, it seemed so fun and Dawn made it look so effortless.

Flash forward a few years more, I received the nicest gift from my husband, a camera! He continually inspires me to strive for more and grow personally. I've been clicking along ever since; I took a four month long program and earned a photography certificate, which really cemented my interest in photography. While I don't know all the ins and outs of photography or the business aspect yet, I think it's dedication and vision that guide where you go with any new skill or hobby. And I can already see where I am headed. Hope you come along for the ride!



Photo by: Heather of Cascadian Exposures


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