Your love is a journey, but your photos have major gaps in your timeline...

You dreamt of your wedding, and it was hands-down amazing, you've got the wedding album to prove it. You had babies, followed by senior graduations, and weddings. The photos decorate the hallways of your life together.

Why then, do so many parents only have professional pictures of the early stages of their relationships, shot of, and with their children, but not your spouse? This is without a doubt the most significant relationship of your lifetime, highlighting that love should be a priority.


The BIG questions:

Chances are you haven't taken photos in awhile. That is okay! Part of a Lindy Rebro Photography experience starts long before your session, by filling out the questionnaire attached to your booking brochure. I find out more about you as a couple and your comfort level in front of the camera. This helps me answer my questions, and I'd like to answer some of your most asked questions in return.

"How do we pose?!"

Often I get questions about posing, and I'll be honest, I don't. My images are based on emotion and the connection between you and your loved one. Instead, I will guide you by movement and prompts.

Here are some things I might ask you to do:

"Dance like it's your wedding day"

"Stroll like you're on your honeymoon"

"Hold hands and gentle stroke each other with your thumbs"

"Melt into each other like chocolate"

"Kiss all over her ear to make her laugh"

Pretty basic stuff right!? It is easy and it's fun this way, plus make the photos authentic and realistic, without being overly posed.


"What do we wear?"

  • Choose colors of clothing that compliment your skin tones and won't complete with each other's outfits.
  • Most flattering colors tend to be neutrals or muted tones. You can build your outfits off a neutrals.
  • Shy away from neon, wording and busy patterns. We're going for effortless timeless looks.
  • Lastly, does it pass the fit test? Can you walk, sit, and move in the outfit? You want to be comfortable!
  • If you need more ideas, visit this blog post for more.


"What else should we consider?"

When and Where: Is there a special location for you as a couple, for example where you had your first date, favorite Sunday evening walk, or at your own home. These are all great options for locations for your anniversary session because they hold sentimental value!

Do something F-U-N: This kind of goes with the location but if you have a favorite activity you like to do together, from puzzles to paddleboarding, we can do it! Really any activity that highlights YOU as a couple is a wonderful tribute to you both and shows your relationship more deeply.

Bring something sentimental: This might be a no-brainer, but bring something of sentimental value to your session, it's a game changer! A wedding photo is a great option and a favorite for my clients, you can also bring special jewelry, handwritten love notes, anniversary gifts or large items like a car or bike.. etc. Bringing a prop like this to your session can really highlight the beautiful journey of your marriage!

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a family heirloom to be passed down to the next generation.

Your love is worth preserving.

a family heirloom to be passed down to the next generation.

Your love is worth preserving.