Semiahmoo Park

When planning this adventurous family's session the goal was to pack fun memories into a fun evening. We opted to go local, visiting Semiahmoo Park, in Blaine, Washington. The park is smack dab in-between Drayton Harbor and Semiahmoo Bay, on a spit of land. Not only are there miles of trails and beaches to walk, sea life to explore, plus there is also the Semiahmoo Resort and golf course nearby.

I met the family for their session, dad and his children near the Cannery Museum and they set to work building a bonfire and playing with the driftwood. The sun was getting lower on the horizon as they chopped up kindling and prepared the bonfire. No one is half as good a teacher as a father is, as he patiently guided his children through building a fire.

Family Bonfire Fun

Fire? Check! Marshmallows? Check! Hot Cocoa? Check! Fun?! Check Check!

As a parent, some of those little things you want to bottle up and remember forever about your children are those chubby little hands grasping yours, toothless gooey marshmallow smiles, their laughter while playing "Chubby Bunny". If we could stop time for one moment, we would.

Until the Lights Go Down

This sweet little family signed up for a 2 hour portrait session, since we started before sundown we went until after the sunshine was gone "The Blue Hour", as it's also known to photographers. Lucky we did, because the lights of White Rock, British Columbia were visible from where we were at and the evening was chilly, but beautiful. The fire was put out by helpful kids, and the bonfire gear packed up and memories were made! A stellar session for this beautiful family!