Those Details Matter

Story time, I booked a family session for my family a few years back when my children were young. We had budgeted and planned for the session for months. Planning out what to wear, location, all of details- everything! Finally the morning of our session arrived, (yes morning with small children, but it was worth it!). Anyway, we were all fed, dressed and driving down the road when I happened looked down at my hands and realized I hadn't put on any jewelry. I hadn't even put on my wedding band! Pushing away the disappointment and trying not to be too upset, my husband noticed, bless him, and asked me if I'd like to go back home. He gave me a knowing look and whipped our minivan around towards home. A few minutes later we were back in the driveway. I sprinted inside, put on my missing jewelry and darted back to the van.

We arrived nearly five minutes later than we planned but personally I felt like it made the images that much more special, especially after going through all the planning and prep work for the session. As parents we often put the needs of our family first, but in that moment, those small details matter to me and I'm forever grateful for the images.

When it comes to your own session, take it from me, do yourself a favor and make sure you've included those details for yourself.

Photos by: Maiden Voyage Photography. Jekyll Island, GA