Highlight Your Family's Story

If you've been mulling over a decision to have your extended family's photos taken, here's a sign that it's time. Here are some tips and ideas to guide you in the decision and planning so you can enter your extended family portrait session with ease and showcase the love, the joy, and the fun of your whole family.

Prepping for Your Extended Family Photography Session

Here are some things to prepare and consider when planning your family session.

  • Pick one person in your group who will act as the coordinator. They are the liaison between the photographer and the family. It'll cut down on confusion and will help the session go smoother if you have one person. This person can coordinate things like: outfits, group shots lists, ordering prints and managing payments, etc.
  • Location: consider all the mobility needs of your group. If everyone is able to hike down to a beach, amaaaazing, but if there are ailments or walking struggles it's best to consider a location with parking and bathrooms nearby. Parks, walking trails, beaches, Uncle Bob with an amazing backyard, we can do in-home or even a rental home if you're on vacation!
  • Time frame: if you want beautiful golden light during your session plan for at least a one hour or a two hour session before the sun goes down or before it comes up. If evenings aren't your thing, sunrise sessions can be wonderful and plus less crowded in public areas!
  • Additional tips for ideas about outfits, planning and coordinating your family photography click here for more.

During the Session

  • Plan on shooting entire groups first: Grandparents, kids + grandkids, grandparents + grandkids, grandparents + kids. We'll get those group images- the ones with everyone looking at the camera first before anyone get too squirrely.
  • Having realistic exceptions are key. Between teenagers and toddlers, chances are someone might cry. And that's okay! No need to force anyone to smile or act a certain way, because it will show on their face. Instead we'll try to get moving and interacting so your images and reactions are more candid and less posed.
  • When in doubt, a little bribery can be a good thing. Ice cream or dinner afterwards never hurt motivating a group through a session- just saying!

Generational Value

Every family has a story and so does your yours. Extended family photography can be an amazing memory and a beautiful keepsake to treasure forever. With the planning and attention to detail, these images can showcase the stage of your family's amazing journey that will last thru the test of time.

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Are you ready to create memories that will last a lifetime?

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I'd love to speak more about your specific needs and ideas for your family's photography session. Please reach out and connect with me today. I can't wait to capture your family and your story!

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