Congrats! Let's Make It Officially "Official" With Photography!

Think of an engagement session like a low-key trial-run for your wedding day photos. These can be a major mile marker in your wedding planning journey, you can use your images for Save-the-Dates, to place by your guest book or on your wedding website.

It's also is a great opportunity to try out a photographer and see how you work together, you might love their online stories on Instagram but in person, they might not gel with you as a couple.

And lastly, this might be the first time you've shot as a couple, and that's okay! Here are some things to consider when planning for your engagement session.


How to Plan Your Engagement Photo Session

Consider When: If you're going to send out Save-the-Date cards you'll want to schedule around 10 months in advance to your big day. If you're planning for a shorter engagement anytime before your nuptials will do.

Consider Where: Is there a special location for you as a couple? Parks, beaches, special places like where you first met, favorite Saturday morning walk, or even at home, are all great options for locations for your session. Make sure to let your Photographer know where you want to go, there might be special permissions or fees you need to acquire before your photographer can shoot there.

Consider What: This kind of goes with the location but if you have a favorite activity you like to do together, highlight it! For example, do you love to cook? We can do a home session where you prepare your favorite food. Like to go kayaking? I'll pack my floaties! Enjoy geocaching and grabbing coffee? I'm downloading the app! Really any activity that highlights YOU as a couple is a perfect little cherry on top of an engagement session.


What To Wear:

  • Choose colors of clothing that compliment your skin tones and won't complete with each other at the location you've chosen.

  • Most flattering colors tend to be neutrals, or muted tones. When you build your outfits think of your base first: tans, creams, beiges, grays are all great starting points if you want to include a fun accent color on top.

  • Shy away from crazy neon, words on clothing, or busy patterns. We're going for fun, yet timeless, looks.

Okay so you've found what you're going to wear, awesome! I highly recommend doing a trial run for you both. Does it pass the fit test, can you move, sit, play, and jump in the outfit? Take a phone photo of you both in your outfits to see what you'll really look like and if it's not to your taste, change!

Last Few Tips:

  • Make sure outfits are free of wrinkles.
  • Clean your shoes.
  • Your hands will be photographed A LOT. At least make sure hands and nails are clean or get a manicure beforehand so show off that cute ring!
  • And while we're talking about hands...clean your ring to make it sparkle!
  • For a polished look, wear makeup. A little mascara, blush and lip-gloss can do the trick and highlight your natural features.
  • Hair styled neatly for the day of and please don't attempt any wild new cuts or color right before your session. If you need, get a trim about a week before your session.